"Hansel and Gretel"


"Hansel and Gretel"

The playground of Yiannis Christopoulos brings up the work Hansel and Gretel, inspired by the Grimm Brothers fairy tale.

The story of the fairy tale refers to a terrible witch who attracts children to her candy house to eat, but the witch has the ability to transform herself into a beautiful woman. That's because evil in real life has the ability to disguise itself in something beautiful. There is still the witch's cat who is the comic element of the work and who constantly fights with him with his conscience. There are brothers, Hansel and Gretel, innocent but intelligent, with a very strong bond between them and with the longing to support their widow's father, who, due to lack of a woman, falls victim to the satanic but charming witch.


The show wants to pass on the message to the children, that in the fight against evil the greatest defense is the power of the family.

The actors are shown:

Giannis Piskitzis, Elena Kalligeri, Petros Nicolaou, Manolis Kontaxakis and Konstantina Sanni.

Place: New Moudania Amphitheater



In the framework of the "2017 Sea Festival"

Nea Moudania, Chalkidiki

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