Traditional sounds

Concert of traditional music with Michalis and Kostas Begio.

The biggest musical event of  instruments in Halkidiki. The sound of the clarinet traditionally accompanies every major event in the small towns and villages of the province of Voio, Kozani: weddings, christenings, national and religious celebrations.

Virtuoso musicians are mostly fully self-taught and offer an air of authenticity that is not associated with academic musicians. They play with the ear quite spontaneously, based on their imagination and musical memory. They play from their heart and soul and their music reaches the listeners precisely for these qualities.The sound of the clarinet and the trumpet is a way of purifying the heart and the soul.

Place : Αmphitheater Siviris, Kassandra Chalkidiki

Time : 21:00

Within the framework of the Cassandra Festival 2017.

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